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Country RiskLine™
Country RiskLine™

Individual countries from D&B International Risk & Payment Review - Analysis of political, commercial and economic risk covering over 130 countries worldwide [Sample]

D&B Country RiskLine Reports (formerly D&B Economic Risk & Payment Review) help you evaluate the business trading conditions in a foreign country and is ideal when you need information once, on just one country. Updated monthly, these three-four page reports provide a summarized view of the more detailed information contained in D&B Country Reports.
D&B Country RiskLine Reports include selected country risk information and provide a concise risk indicator that assesses the risk of doing business in a country, given its economic, political and commercial situation. These reports cover 131 countries worldwide and provide important details on:

  • D&B's recommended way to conduct transactions
  • Usual terms of credit
  • Average time local banks take to exchange currency
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