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Friday, July 12

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Country Report
Country Report

Comprehensive information for evaluating risks and opportunities across the globe, providing a unique insight into the relative performance of different countries. [Sample]

Providing critical information and analysis on the trade environment of an individual country, each D&B Country Report offers approximately 60 pages of in-depth analysis for evaluating risks and opportunities worldwide. These detailed reports, available for 85 countries, are divided into six sections to help you address the key areas of risk that may impact your international business:

  • Political Risk - How stable is the country's government?
  • Economic Risk - Is the economy expanding or contracting?
  • External Risk - Is the currency stable or unstable?
  • Commercial Risk - Will I get paid? How quickly will I get paid?
  • Trade Environment - Have import regulations changed?
  • Investment Environment - In which sectors can I safely invest?
Analysis includes economic forecasts and the D&B Country Risk Indicator rating which provides a cross-country comparison of the risks of doing business around the globe.
A monitoring option is also available, with D&B Country Reports providing the 60-page in-depth report plus 11 monthly updates alerting you to critical information D&B learns of on recommended and usual payment terms, foreign exchange/bank delays, and an overview of the latest country risk situation. Individual D&B Country Reports are available in printed format. Regional collections are available on subscription via the Intern

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