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Friday, July 12

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D&B Data
D&B Data

How does D&B get its information?

D&B has been collecting, updating and managing its huge accumulation of current and historical data over all continents for more than 170 years. This database now encompasses more than 300 million businesses, linked across 210 countries by our global business identifier, the D-U-N-SNumber.

Of course, D&B relies in part on official information published by company registration authorities. However, many countries, particularly in the Emerging Markets Centre regions, have very limited disclosure laws and these are often only spasmodically enforced. It is therefore essential to use additional published sources including the local press.

In many cases, payments information is systematically collected from suppliers. Changes in payments behaviour can give unexpected and early insights into a company's trading position. One of the most important sources is the Company itself. Any promotional or informational material it has published may be complemented by interviews with the Principals, who in general realize that it is in their interest for D&B to present a fair and complete picture of their trading situation. If D&B asks you for information, they are hoping to make it easier for others to do business with you.

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